What Our Clients Say

Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

“With a small department, serving 16,000 REALTOR® members, I look to Cat Creatives in assisting us with all aspects of marketing, Web & creative services, including them being the sole designers of all our websites and consumer blogs. Catalin is professional, intelligent and a hidden gem when it comes to graphic design. His passion for the industry is evident in his enthusiasm for wanting to create the perfect piece, regardless of what we are requesting. I speak not only for myself, but the entire leadership of our board, when I say that the Cat Creatives team is an asset to our organization. We are more professional because of the talent they bring to the table.”

Amy Robey, Vice-President of Marketing & Communications
Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®

“The first three iterations of my website were simply a blog with pretty pictures. I had no cohesive landing page. It was not possible to buy my book from the website. There was no real thought given to optimization. (I did not even tag content.) Basically, it was a hard site to find.  The designer with whom I worked to create the site did exactly what I asked of her. It was a good site on which to cut my blogger’s teeth. Learning to blog is a journey that takes rhythm and time and knowledge and skill and heart.

Into that context Catalin Macarie entered. I learned in May, my essay, The Unspeakable Gift, would be published in the Washingtonian in August. This deadline fanned the flame of my intention to take my website to the next level. A friend from work had a web developer/entrepreneurship professor friend who she said I should check out. Catalin is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cat Creatives. I contacted Catalin and we talked about the website and the scope of work that needed to be done. I was immediately struck by his passion and skill from both a technical and artistic perspective. I know enough about the technical aspects of web development to know that I don’t know how to make the website look and feel and do what I want. Catalin immediately understood the shallow depth of my knowledge and my specific technical needs.”

Katie Steedly, Ph.D.
Writer, Author

“Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services needed a total revamp of our agency’s website and a marketing and communications plan. Catalin and Valerie really delivered for us. They are a great team. They did their homework first by getting to know the agency and our culture. They designed a fresh new look for our website and made it very user friendly. They even trained me on how to make edits, or additions and corrections using their CMS tool. All work was done in a professional and timely manner. GCB can recommend Cat Creatives and endorses the great quality of work they do.”

Rusty Sheehan, Development Director
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services

Commercial Business Organizations

“Cat is a force of nature both in his ability to create and in his enthusiasm to present. He worked with us to design websites for all of our agents as well as for our company. The sites themselves are innovative, bright, and have gotten many compliments from our clients. Cat is a joy to work with and approaches every ‘problem’ like it is his personal challenge. He and his team took work home on the weekends and evenings to have the job done ahead of when it was promised to us. That’s just how he is… a real breath of fresh air in today’s business world.”

Debra J. White, Owner/Broker
Exit Realty & RE/MAX Resources

“Cat Creatives team has been instrumental in the planning, design, and successful launch of our ‘zeeStore’ products and sites. They helped with everything from logo design to overall branding, prospect survey, and the setup of our demo stores for our associate franchizes. This allowed us to successfully market, develop and sell a complex solution to a unique and discerning market.”

Steve Palmer, President
Palmer Promotions

“I recently completed a web project with Cat Creatives for my new business. I was so overwhelmed by what I thought was going to be a mind-numbing task that I pushed the website off until I could no longer. Cat and Valerie were so patient and informative. They walked me through every step of the process, answered all of my questions in a way that a novice could understand, and steered me down the proper path to fulfill my needs. Everything was performed in a very timely manner and on budget. I will definitely be recommending Cat Creatives.”

Heather E. Curless, Owner, Architect, LEED AP
Greener Stock Company

“Cat Creatives’ team have worked with me on several website development projects. The online results they have provided were above our expectations and gave us a professional look that normally would cost much more than we paid. As a partner to work with Cat is extremely knowledgeable and a good listener- he got a good understanding of what we wanted beyond words on a page or a flowchart. I would highly recommend Cat and Cat Creatives to anyone looking to create or update their internet presence.”

Rich Easley, Business Manager North America
Halifax Rack & Screw, United Kingdom

“I highly recommend Cat Creatives group. As a busy small-business owner, I need my vendor-partners to take on a project and really own it. Catalin and his team not only do this, they also make recommendations along the way as to how prospective customers will respond. The other thing I recommend Cat Creatives for is that they set up systems in place that allow us to edit all the technical information on our website in an easy, clear way. Many of our specs change on a regular basis, and updating them is very painless. If you work with Catalin, be prepared to be amazed!”

Gregg Wilson, CEO
HealthCare Media Technologies, Inc.

“As our key web resource, Catalin has taken ‘ownership’ of our account. He acts like it is his own and treats us as family. The Cat Creatives team’s skills level, creativity and passion are hard to find in today’s world. Our concerns have always been dealt promptly and professionally. In addition, Cat has taken upon himself to actually learn about our business so that they could be proactive. Catalin does not just follow directions, he leads us as well.”

Thomas K. Dailey, President & CEO
Kentucky Fidelity Mortgage

“Cat Creatives was a one stop shop for my web designing needs. They brought expertise, artistry, and know-how to the table, and were able to combine their knowledge with my vision. I was very pleased with the outcome. My website now is easy to access and understand, not to mention that it simply stands out visually from similar others.”

Rene Heinrich, President/Founder
The Heinrich Firm

“Cat Creatives group created a website for my business that turned browsers into buyers! Since there are over two hundred landscape companies in my national geographical region, it was important for the website to separate my business from all the rest. Their ability to present the essence of my work in a clear, focused, visual manner has drawn praise from many perspective customers, helped them to select the best design and made all the difference in the world in my bottom line.”

Ronni Hock, President
Ronni Hock Garden Design

“I wanted to thank you for an excellent website and a great experience working with you. We’ve had thousands of ‘hits’ and dozens of high quality leads. We have worked with many website companies and designers over the years and none have compared to your service, website quality, and value. Our website has been a great tool for prospective agents to see exactly what we offer. Its professional design and content have often been sited as a contributing factor to their decision to join our company. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

Dan Young, President/Broker
Stellar Real Estate